OMNI Fire Hydrant (H²)



The OMNI meter is the most technologically advanced commercial and industrial water meter on the market today. The key to this optimal measurement performance is the application of the Floating Ball Technology (FBT). FBT utilizes an impeller with a ball design which reduces the friction on the impeller. The technology enables the impeller to begin moving with very little water flow through the meter. The result is that OMNI has an extended flow range with better low flow sensitivity, as well as the ability to capture extended high flow rates – all with virtually no wear.

This technology has been leveraged to create the new OMNI H² Fire Hydrant Meter in order to measure water from fire hydrants or other non-permanent applications. The H² meter assembly maintains peak performance capability and continuous operation up to the rated maximum capacity flows without affecting long-term accuracy or causing any unwarranted component wear. The meter assembly also provides a 25% flow capacity in excess of the maximum flows listed for intermittent flow demands.